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Pensive Dreamer

help me pleeeeease! xo

OK listen!

I am doing a potentially really cool documentary type thing for a class final.
In our class one of the things we're doing is looking at the impact of technology on society and ultimately how we're getting sucked into things like Second Life, second "lives" on the internet, "reality" television, etc.

Anyway, I wanna do my own little project involving the queer community of course. Since we're focusing on the internet and media, I thought it would interesting to pose my question by means of the internet, and ask people to create a video response. I will then compile things together into one video and hopefully it will turn out really cool.

So I'm looking for people to create their own little youtube video, and send me the link. Talk about how you think the internet helps or hinders the expression of queer identity. Talk about coming out via the internet. Talk about hooking up over the internet. Talk about queer internet community. Talk about whatever you want involving queerness and the internet. Be creative. Go on forever or just give me a minute or two of your insight. If you wanna talk about something in particular but aren't sure it's what I'm looking for just message me and run it by. I'm not looking for anything specific though, I'm just really excited to see what comes. I'll be posing this challenge to not online my friends but to other queer internet spaces in hopes to get responses from all kinds of people all over. I'll let you see the finished result if I can get your help!

Are you in? Say yes please!
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